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    Company artist

    A great artist who also skates



    a.m. skater for fish

    this dude is learning still but i see great potential in him


    a.m.skater for fish

    this guy is a great skater, and pretty good at filming too. with a little more work and experience i think he'll be ready to go pro.


    a.m skater for fish

    this dude is a very good skater and he is on the verge of going pro!


    Pro skater for fish

    this dude has some real guts and the best sense of humor ever.


    Pro skater for fish

    this guy is one of the most persistent dudes i know. he gets the footage no matter what it takes.


    Pro skater for fish

    I would put this dude against Ryan Sheckler and Nyjah Huston


    Pro skater

    damn this dude is such a consistent skater.

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